Video: Ford comes to Far Flung

Border Security

What is the best way to handle an 800 pound gorilla?  Well, you can either fight him (and lose) or teach him to dance.  Either way, it's a lot of fur flying around. Allow us to dance with the gorilla for a minute and we'll give you our perspective on the Big Bend border.  As someone who lives, works and plays here. Let us start by saying that we can't guarantee anyone's safety.  There are many things in Big Bend that … Continue reading

Five Reasons to Choose Far Flung

Prospective guests frequently ask us- "why should I choose Far Flung as my outfitter?" # 1 - The best guides and trip leaders - without great people you can't do great things.  For over 35 years we've worked hard to find guides and leaders who truly enjoy being outdoors.  Even more so, they enjoy and relish the opportunity to show our guests the natural beauty of Big Bend.  Whether it's wilderness medicine, (all of our guide staff must complete a minimum of … Continue reading