So, you’re looking for a wilderness adventure to blow you out of the water?

Look no further than Far Flung Outdoor Center! We’ve got some of the wildest nature around, from deep canyons, towering mountains, and vast desert, all found in Big Bend National Park. Our river trips are a paddle above the rest – with our top-of-the-range kayaks, the friendliest guides in the Southwest, and a large chunk of the Rio Grande pretty much to ourselves, paddling through this serene wilderness is an unforgettable outdoor experience like no other.

If being out on the open water with nothing but miles of untamed wilderness around gets your pulse racing, then you’re in good company! Take your pick from our range of river trips, from family-friendly floats to overnight adventures! We bet you’ll be hypnotized by this wilderness destination just as much as we are, every single day. What’s not to love about deep canyons, intense desert sunsets, and colorful mountains set against the bluest skies you’ve ever seen! And, to top it off, you won’t find a more passionate, go-getter attitude than in our expert guides.

As well as helping you explore this vast wilderness, they’ll spin tales of the history, fascinating geological formations, wildlife and nature surrounding this magnificent river. We’re a big ol’ family here at FFOC. This wild and wonderful landscape is our home and we want it to be yours too, for as long as you’ll have us! From kids, old agers, and regular folk who want to escape the city for a wilderness adventure, we have a trip to suit pretty much everyone under the hot Texan sun. Take a gander at the list below, or drop us a line to plan a trip that is guaranteed to blow your socks off. We’re here for you – as we have been for 40 years. See you in the Big Bend!

Our River Trips

We've Got Something For Everyone

People kayaking through the canyon of Big Bend Far Flung