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Big Bend With Kids

A sunny Big Bend National Park overlooking the yellow grasslands onto the mountain tops

The United States has a vast selection of truly impressive national parks to choose from. In all four seasons, Big Bend National Park is an ideal destination with its expansive vistas, clear, open plains, secluded location, and the wide choice of activities. People travel far and wide to lose themselves in Big Bend’s raw wilderness. And we here at The Far Flung Outdoor Center can guarantee big open spaces, big adventure, and, perhaps the most important after a long day out in the desert, big comfort.

However, finding somewhere suitable for a family vacation can be daunting. Your head is filled with questions like ‘is it kid-friendly?’ or ‘will we all enjoy it?’, and we get it, that’s normal. You have to ask these questions being in charge of the family and we’re here to reassure you why Big Bend is open, welcoming, and, most importantly—child friendly.

So why is visiting Big Bend National Park with kids the correct choice? We believe, and many of our previous guests agree, that it is a perfect family vacation destination. Not only is there something for everyone, but there are also a number of benefits for families spending time in the great outdoors.

In this post, we’ll share our knowledge and some useful information about this beautiful area, regarding spotting wildlife, family-friendly treks and activities, right down to the best places to stay—we hope you find it useful!

Keeping in line with the family-friendly theme, there are a number of activities throughout Big Bend that’ll stick a smile on everyone’s face. Here are a few of our family-favorites to get you started:

First things first, the hikes. The Window View Trail is categorized as ‘easy’ and totals 0.3 miles. It’s a paved path with a gentle incline and is even wheelchair accessible. We recommend this walk around sunset to really take advantage of the stunning views. The next step up would be the Chisos Basin Loop Trail topping a 1.8-mile loop. If you’re unsure of your family’s ability and in search of a moderate trek, this is the one for you and your gang. We have many other recommendations, just ask upon booking!

Next is getting out on the Rio Grande. Paddling down this iconic river is a family day out that you’ll never forget. From playing games and doing some fun river activities to your guide pointing out famous sights and information about the local area, our two-day family adventure is a perfect family trip to take together.

When you’re out and about exploring this spectacular national park, Big Bend is also blessed as being one of the most biologically diverse barren regions on earth. There is a huge variety of reptiles, birds, mammals, fish, insects etc. that call this amazing place home. Keep your eyes peeled for bobcats, coyotes, black bears, elk, and on the river for catfish, green sunfish, the spotted chirping frog, and much, much more!

Coming to Big Bend National Park with kids is an opportunity to bond as a family and create some unforgettable memories together. Where to stay could be another head-scratcher for the family organizer but we’re here to help. Our casitas can comfortably sleep up to 4 guests and we offer discounts and even freebies depending on ages. Furnished with queen-size beds, air conditioning, a fully equipped kitchen for all your cooking needs, and a refreshing swimming pool to cool off after a day out in the desert, it’s a wonderful location for you and your family to relax and rest after a day of exploring.

Far Flung Outdoor Center: a chance to explore, make memories together, and above all, reconnect with one another. If you’re looking for more expert advice on options around Big Bend then get in contact with us or just send me an email at

 — Greg