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The Benefits of Families Spending Time Outdoors

Group of people sitting mountain top enjoying the bright orange and yellow sunset

We’ve all been there. Feeling a little closed up in the house, suffocated by the big city, or maybe just feel the need to get out and explore the great outdoors. Big Bend National Park could be your answer. Stretching 1251m², it comes in at number 15 of the biggest national parks in the US, edging out Yosemite National Park in California and sitting just behind Sequoia & Kings Canyon. The point? It’s huge and it’s the perfect place to bring the family and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

There are many proven benefits in sharing the outdoors with family members and enjoying activities together in the open air. In this day and age, it’s so easy to be distracted by technology, and that’s why now more than ever it’s important to fully disconnect from screens and devices and reconnect with nature. So, what are the benefits of spending time outdoors with your family? Let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

Good for relationships

Bonding. Getting out into nature every day has proven scientific benefits but not everyone is lucky enough to live in a place surrounded by mountains, trees, and rivers. So, take advantage of the great outdoors when the opportunity does arise! Spending time outside together as a family is believed to improve communication as there are no ‘everyday’ distractions and it allows everyone to talk to each other without switching off. A good ol’ casual walk ‘n’ talk is a great way to have some open conversation with your partner and children.

Good for minds

Reduced stress levels. Being in close contact with nature has a wonderful effect on your mind and soul. The pure ruggedness and beauty of Big Bend is an awesome escape into the wilderness with its roaring rivers, spectacular canyons, deafening silence, and vast open spaces. Our brains love nature because that’s where we evolved! And in our modern-day culture with our phones and our computers, they have helped us forget how important that connection with the natural world is. Help your mind relax and improve your energy and mood from everyday anxieties, fatigues, and stresses while you explore the outdoor expanses. You may find you become less snappy with each other too…

Good for bodies

Exercise. Life can be stressful at times and exercise has always been at the top of the ‘how to de-stress’ recommendation list. Escaping out into the Big Bend wilderness with your family troop is a great way to relieve some of that daily stress and pressure and for you all to take a nice deep breath and enjoy the world around you. There are multiple exciting activities in Big Bend National Park from some incredible hiking trails, a full-day kayaking trip through some enormous towering canyons, or explore the park via Jeep while stopping at various points and exploring the magic of Big Bend.

Far Flung Outdoor Center: Big open spaces, big adventure, and big comfort, the perfect place for you and your family to come to enjoy the outdoors. Enjoy the spectacular views, reconnect with one another, and simply relax and switch off. After spending time out on the river or exploring the secret corners of this enormous park, stay at one of our park lodges and take in the blanket of stars filling the night’s sky. If you’re looking for more expert advice on options around Big Bend then get in contact with us or just send me an email at

– Greg