For years, we tried to figure out why folks come out to Big Bend.

Is it Big Bend National Park, the crown jewel of Texas' outdoor attractions?  Or maybe the canyons of the Rio Grande with their towering walls?

How about the miles and miles of open country away from the hordes of civilization?  Ok, Ok, we know!  It's because you can walk along a different trail everyday for life and not see it all.

No. Let's try floating miles and miles of the Rio Grande wondering what lies around the next bend.

Could it be just sitting on a porch somewhere listening to the loud noise of silence?

Frankly, in the end, it doesn't make any difference.  Why someone comes to Big Bend is not important as the fact that they do - or should.

Far Flung was featured in a promotional video for the Ford Transit!

We hope Big Bend National Park is near the top of your bucket list.  Because we know that once you've made it here, you'll never stop loving this magnificent country.

Those of us at Far Flung?  Well, we've pulled up a chair on the porch.  Waiting for you to arrive.

By the way.  We just made the Washington Post and Texas Highways Magazine!