El Camino del Rio Notes

Starting Your Tour

This trip meets at the Far Flung Outdoor Center on Farm Road 170 in Study Butte (get directions).  Please plan to arrive at our offices at 7:45 a.m.  If you are running late, give us a call as other guests who have arrived will be more understanding.

Our all day trips travel by Hummer in order to provide more comfort (ride, air conditioning/heating) that our open air Jeeps.

Make no mistake about it.  The Camino Del Rio tour is a long, dusty and sometimes hot drive that follows the Rio  Grande in Big Bend National Park.  However, if you are prepared, this is one of the most amazing drives in the country.

We have a number of options on how we cover River Road.   During the warmer months, we'll traverse the road from west to east to keep the afternoon sun out of our faces.  In the cooler months we'll go east to west.   Entry portals include the east river road entrance, the west river road entrance or the Glen Springs entrance.  Where we enter, exit and how we travel is dependent on how much daylight we have, road conditions and weather expectations.

Educationally speaking, this trips rocks.  There are about a 1000 good stops along the way, but based on your particular interest we'll only be able to pick out the best 900 or so!

Food and Water

Far Flung will provide plenty of iced water for the trip.  Please bring your own personal water bottle that we can re-fill during the tour.  During the months of April through October, desert temperatures are deceivingly warm.  Hydrating before and during the tour will eliminate many of the health risks associated with desert travel.

We're known for our field lunches - been doing them for over 40 years - so you'll have little trouble finding some good food to eat for lunch.  Deli meats, cheeses, condiments, dips, chips, fresh fruit, desert, tea and lemonade are always on the menu.  Please contact us at least 48 hours in advance if you have special dietary needs.  We will make every effort to accommodate your needs, however, please understand that our nearest full service grocery store is 15o miles to the north.

What to Wear/Bring on the Tour

* Shorts or long pants
* Comfortable walking shoes
* Short or long sleeved shirt
* Hat - must be large brim hat, please!
* Sunglasses
* Bandana - really nice on hot days!
* Sunscreen
* Camera and/or binoculars
* Windbreaker or light jacket (for the months of October - March)
Water bottle

What is the weather like?

Spring (March - April) Day: 75-90, Night: 45-60
Summer (May - September) Day: 85-100+, Night: 70-80
Fall (October - December) Day: 70-85, Night: 45-60
Winter (January - February) Day: 55-75, Night: 30-50
Rainfall averages 10-12 inches per year, with the majority of rainfall during the months of July - September

What about the bathroom?

Because this trip travels through improved areas of Big Bend National Park, you will have access to public bathrooms at a few stops along the way.  However, just in case, we'll bring toilet supplies in the event you need to "explore" the bushes of Big Bend.  You will have access to the Far Flung Outdoor Center restrooms before and after the trip.

Should I tip the guide?

Many guests ask us whether tipping the guides is appropriate. If you believe the guide  exceeded your service expectations, please feel free to leave a tip (10-15% of the trip price is normal). Tipping is by no means required.


Jeep tours have a $10/person non-refundable deposit requirement with the balance due 48 hours prior to the trip departure date.  Cancellations outside of 48 hours from departure forfeit the deposit amount.  Cancellations (including no-shows) within 48 hours of the trip departure forfeit the entire cost of the trip.

It is rare that Far Flung will cancel a tour, but in the event we do, all moneys (including deposits) will be refunded.


Trip participants must understand and appreciate that riding in a off road vehicle involves some risk.  These risks include, but are not limited to 1) forces of nature, including extreme heat, cold, hail, rain and lightning 2) possible roll-over or loss of control of a Jeep driven by others related to excessive speed, rough, steep or narrow trails and collisions with other vehicles, boulders, vegetation, wild animals, livestock or other man-made or natural objects 3) accident or illness without access to immediate evacuation or availability of medical supplies and the inadequacy of medical attention once provided.

Participants agree to abide by all rules related to off road safety as outlined by Far Flung Outdoor Center and/or its guide staff.