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5 Reasons Why You Should Come to Big Bend

big-bend2 happy climbers exploring the Big Bend National Park

Far Flung Outdoor Center in Big Bend National Park is a blend of fun, adventure, and the ultimate wildness destination for anyone looking for an escape into nature. It’s the perfect place to take a break from city life and get out into this tranquil, stunning National Park and recharge and regenerate.

There are countless activities and things to do here in Big Bend and everyone from infants to those in their golden years can enjoy the incredible diversity of this wondrous location. So we’ve decided to put together 5 solid reasons you should choose to come and visit us at the Far Flung Outdoor Center, we hope you like it!

The Nature

Big Bend National Park holds the title of being one of the most biologically diverse barren regions in the world. With that in mind, there is an abundance of mammals, reptiles, birds, insects, fish, and amphibians that call this Park their home! 75 species of mammal live here, so be sure to keep an eye out for black bears, bobcats, coyotes, squirrels, mountain lions, and elk, just to name a few! Venture out on the water and enjoy a river trip while keeping a lookout for catfish, the Spotted Chirping Frog, Largemouth Bass, Green Sunfish, and many others! Birding in Big Bend is another reason for avid bird watchers to pay a visit with more than 450 species recorded flying through the vast open wilderness!

The animals also need somewhere to live, forage in, and eat, and this equals no shortage of plant species in the park either. With over 1,200 different types enduring these harsh and rugged landscapes, each month provides a different bloom with a wonderful variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

The Lodging

Why not look to stay for more than one night and relax in one of our rustic cabins? Our lodging provides a comfortable, spacious HQ for your group to visit the park. After a full day out exploring the wilderness, take a dip in the pool and relax into a deep sleep in our queen-sized beds. Don’t forget that the twinkling stars at night are an incredible attraction in itself!

The Activities

There is something for everyone here and whether you’re experiencing Big Bend for the first time or for the 50th, there is always something fun and adventurous to do!

River Trips: Here at Far Flung Outdoor Center, one of our favorite things to show guests is the immense stature of this beautiful park from the river. With some of the wildest parts on planet earth, the deepest canyons, harsh deserts, and towering mountains, seeing the park from the river vantage point is simply breathtaking.

Jeep Tours: Since 1998, we’ve been the first and only Jeep tour company in the Big Bend. Jumping in a Jeep Wrangler and exploring the vastness of this National Park gears you up for a real adventurer’s experience. We have tours for everyone from the rough and rugged explorer to young families and first-time visitors. Along the way, we’ll see historical sites, native plants, geological formations, the Park’s wildlife, and some incredible views!

ATV Tours: See some of the beautiful sections of this amazing region that others can’t. It’s not a high-speed, drifting type of tour, it’s a guided tour to some of the more hard-to-reach places from an agile all-terrain vehicle.

The Wilderness

Another reason to visit Big Bend is simple: the wilderness. Described as ‘three parks in one’, Big Bend has the Chisos Mountains, the Chihuahuan Desert, and the mighty Rio Grande. A vast and varied experience from wet to dry, hot to cold, high to low, this park is truly a place to disconnect from city life and reconnect with nature.

The History

Not only are there endless things to see, experience, and enjoy, Big Bend National Park has an interesting past and a rich cultural history. The Park has been called home by prehistoric Indians for thousands of years, Mexican settlers in the early 1900s, ranchers, miners, and, of course, park visitors. It’s steeped in history and there are various museums and communities that still cherish those who lived there thousands of years before.

This was only a brief introduction as to why you should visit Big Bend National Park with the Far Flung Outdoor Center, but if you have any further questions or queries, please feel free to reach out to me at and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.