Call us old-fashioned, but here at FFOC (Far Flung Outdoor Center), we like to go old school and get things back to how they should be: fun, adventurous and out in nature. With the outstanding beauty and impressive wilderness of the Big Bend National Park, being on the Internet and staring at our cell phones is the last thing on our minds (though you’ll have the chance to do just that in our casitas if you please). We’d much rather get out into the wilderness in whatever way we can: in a canoe, an ATV, in a comfortable Jeep Wrangler or better yet, making our way around on our own two feet.

Consider us your home away from home, only here, we bet you’ll be way more relaxed than you are at home and have lots more to do activity-wise. We’ve got something for everyone who’s here to discover the place where wild meets west – in fact, showing off the Big Bend and its surroundings is what we’re here to do. Keep scrolling to find out more about our activities and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions – we’d be thrilled to hear from you.