May 25, 2020 – How are you handling COVID19?  Here is what we are doing:  Washing our hands, taking care of ourselves, staying away from large groups, living life without panic.  Big Bend is open, we are open and we welcome those that want to enjoy the outdoors.    If you do visit the Big Bend, you will find small groups (we run with 10 guests or less) and a company dedicated to following the guidelines for reducing the spread of this disease.  At the end of the day, of course, it is your choice.

Big Bend National Park remains closed, but the Big Bend Ranch State Park is open.  All of our river trips are being conducted in the mornings in the state park.

Big Bend Casitas, the Canyon Brew Coffee Shop, river trips, Jeep tours and ATV tours are all operating.  And the new pool is now open!