Canoe Rentals & Shuttles

So you're a river runner? And you want to put together a private trip on the Rio Grande?

Well, you've come to the right place.  The Flung house has got everything you need to put together the perfect trip.  Ok, maybe not everything, but you'll get close.

Follow or click on the 5 easy steps below and you'll be well on your way.

Step 1 - Prepare your pre-trip plan

Planning a trip on the Rio Grande involves a number of choices, so it's always helpful to do a little research prior to making your reservation.  We have a pre-trip checklist that you are welcome to use in planning your river adventure.  Here are some other resources that might be of help:

Big Bend National Park (lots of great information)
Big Bend Ranch State Park (more good information)
Far Flung River Mileage Chart (river distances)
Far Flung Shuttle Chart (driving times and distances)
Big Bend Natural History Association (great books and maps on Big Bend)

Would you like a pre-trip planning checklist to make life easier?  Click here.

Have a question about planning a river trip to Big Bend?  Call us at 800-839-7238 or email

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Step 2 - Renting Your Equipment

We offer professional, commercial grade canoes and inflatable kayaks as well as a variety of river equipment such as toilet systems, fire pans, waterproof bags, etc.

Need some help planning what to take?  Try Flung's suggested equipment list.

Canoes (Old Town & We-no-nah)$79/dayIncludes paddles & PFD's
Inflatable Kayaks (Aire)$79/day double; $49/day singleIncludes paddles & PFD's
Ammo Cans$3/dayHard shell protection for personal items, cameras, etc.
Camp Chairs$5/dayNice director style chairs
Dishwashing System$5/day3 tubs, screen, soap, bleach, heating bucket
Fire Pan - NPS required$5/dayCan serve as a grill and fire box
Ice Chests$10/dayFood, ice storage
Sleeping Pads (Paco)$6/dayWaterproof, easy to store
Propane Stove (2&4 burner)$8/12/dayUses standard 20 lb tank
Propane Tank$12/dayComes full with propane
Roll-a-Table$6/dayLightweight, rolls up nice
Sleeping Bags$10/dayThree season, lightweight
Tents$12/dayFour person, with ground tarp
Toilet System - NPS required$18/daySeem expensive? We clean it, not you!
Waterproof Bag (large)$7.50/day16" diameter x 36" tall
Waterproof Bag (small)$4.50/dayPerfect for gear you need during the day; sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.
Water Containers (5 gallon)$6/dayHard plastic commercial containers for better durability
Water Dispensers (3 & 5 gallon)$4/7/dayFor drinking water only

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Step 3 - Planning Your Shuttle

Far Flung can provide a wide variety of shuttle options for your group using your vehicle, our vehicles or a combination of both.  We use modern 15 passenger vans and our drivers are handpicked for the positive attitude and attention to safety and details.

Shuttles using Far Flung vehicles are charged at a rate of $75/hour beginning and ending at the Far Flung Outdoor Center

Shuttles using privately owned vehicles are charged at a rate of $35/hour.

Need shuttle miles and approximate times between river locations in the Big Bend?  Click here for Flung's Shuttle Mileage Chart.

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Step 4 - Calculate Your Fees and Permit Costs

River permits are required in all sections of the Rio Grande from the Tapado put-in to the Langtry Crossing take-out.

Far Flung, at no additional charge, can issue float permits for Big Bend National Park and the Wild & Scenic River (below Heath Canyon).  Big Bend National Park permits are also issued at Panther Junction, Persimmon Gap and the Barton Warnock Center near Lajitas.  River sections from Lajitas to Langtry require a Big Bend National Park Permit.

River permits for the Rio Grande in Big Bend Ranch State Park may be obtained at the Barton Warnock Center or Fort Leaton, near Presidio.  River sections from Tapado Canyon to Lajitas require a Big Bend Ranch State Park Permit.

Big Bend National Park Fees

Backcountry Permit - $12/group, flat fee

Entrance Fee - $25/vehicle, good for up to 7 days

Big Bend Ranch State Park Fees

Entrance Fee - $3/person/day

Camping Fee - $8/person/night; applicable for trips camping on state lands

Heath Canyon Ranch Access Fee - Heath Canyon is the take out for Boquillas Canyon float trips and one of the put-ins for the Lower Canyons.

Private Access Fee - $5/person

Vehicle Storage Fee - $5/vehicle/day

Black Gap Wildlife Management Area Permit - managed by Texas Parks & Wildlife, a limited purpose use permit is required for any party accessing the put-ins or take-outs in the Black Gap river section.  The cost is $12/person and can be purchased online in advance of your trip.  Click here for online sales of limited purpose use permits.

Harrison Ranch Access Fee - for Lower Canyon trips taking out at Dryden Crossing/Harrison Ranch

Private Access Fee - $10/person

Vehicle Access Fee - $30/vehicle

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Step 5 - Make a Reservation

Simply call us to make a reservation at 800-839-7238.  We strongly recommend advanced reservations to insure sufficient equipment is on hand and to help you streamline the planning process.

Terms and Conditions

Day rentals will be charged a $10 non-refundable, non transferable deposit at the time of booking.

Multi-day rentals will be charged a $50 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit at the time of booking.

All deposits will be applied to the final balance due.

Cancellations of day rental bookings within 24 hours of rental date forfeit one day's rental on all reserved equipment.

Cancellations of multi-day rental bookings within 48 hours of rental date forfeit one day's rental on all reserved equipment.

Inclement weather cancellations within 48 hours of departure will forfeit one day's rental on all reserved equipment.