A Far Flung New Year

There's never been a better time to come to Big Bend. The natural beauty of Rio Grande canyons and desert peace still wait as an oasis in the midst of all the problems in our economy, the constant acceleration of fast-paced lives and the unstoppable noise of the city.  Come explore the last American frontier!

Besides our new website, we're investigating new offerings for our multi-day trips.  If you have an idea to add to our music, family, stargazing or gourmet trips, let us know.  Adventures in the wilderness should always facilitate the realization of your dreams.  And if you can dream it, our expert guides can probably make it happen.

Our New Year Adventure with Butch Hancock and Steve Fromholtz provided an unforgettable experience for the lucky group that listened to two Texas legends crooning around a campfire after days rafting through Santa Elena Canyon wonder.  It started off with an adventure for Greg and the Far Flung Staff, as we responded to a midnight distress signal the night before the trip departed.  Here's the story, written by Peter Nevland...

...The smell of antifreeze perfumed the inside of my white, Honda Prelude. Outside the car, everything was dark, and nothing made a sound.

"The radiator's probably busted," Matt said. "That's what happened to my truck."

"Geez, what else can go wrong?" I thought. I wasn't angry or worried, but we had already blown a tire, driven a couple hours on a spare, found out that someone else occupied the room we thought we would have and been turned away by every booked-up hotel in the area.

"You know they soak meat in antifreeze whenever they're trying to capture mountain lions," Matt offered.

I turned the hazard lights back on. If a mountain lion did smell us, I'd rather see it and at least let it know that it couldn't sneak up on us. Even if no mountain lion was around it still wasn't smart for us to stay there all night. We needed help on the side of the road in the middle of the desert.

"I'm going to call and wake up Greg again," I said, and dialed his number.

The trip had started so well. It was actually something like a paid vacation I was taking as part of my job consulting businesses as a Wizard of Ads partner. Greg and Valynda Hennington, the owners of Far Flung Outdoor Center, in Terlingua, TX, are full-time clients of mine, and I had to experience one of their river tours to fully understand their business and how to promote them. It's a hard knock life, I know. Plus, they were gracious enough to offer an extra spot, free of charge, for a friend of mine to come along. I couldn't think of anyone better than my friend Matt. Now he was experiencing one of the crazy things that seem to routinely jump into my life.


"Hey, Greg, It's Peter. I'm sorry to wake you again, but we couldn't find a hotel room, and my car just broke down in between La Jitas and Terlingua. Can you help us out?"

"You're kidding."

"Nope, it's that bad."

"Allright, stay put. I'll be there in a few minutes."

Greg arrived really quickly, loaded all the stuff we remembered not to forget into his truck and drove us back to Terlingua. He found an empty RV trailer for us to sleep in, which, although without heating in the freezing desert night, was still better than sleeping outside on the ground.

Matt and I stood outside for a bit, laughing about all the stuff that had happened to us... I had tried to tell a hotel owner that my pregnant wife needed a stable or something to stay in, but he only told me that Christmas was over. We had tried to sneak into the back room of an outdoor amphitheatre at the LaJitas resort only to find it locked.

When we finally did go to sleep, even that was an adventure with me, half-asleep, making weird Javelina (a kind of wild pig) noises that scared Matt while I stood outside the RV to pee. Morning came in a few hours, and we pulled our bodies out of the trailer to go meet the rest of the group that would be sharing our river trip with us. As we drove out to the drop-off point, we passed my non-functioning car with the mechanics trying to figure out how to get it back to the shop.

Thankfully, the rest of the trip smoothly floated us through one of the most spectacular places in the world, as you can see in the pictures. Far Flung's river guides took care of camp, prepared our bacon wrapped beef tenderloin and other gourmet food to perfection, and kept everybody safe and happy like a well-oiled machine. They even told stories, did tricks with fire and asked me to perform a few of my pieces as part of the festivities. It was truly an honor to get to know Butch Hancock and Steve Fromholtz, two Texas music legends, and have Butch get excited about my performance. If you ever want to take one of the best trips of your life in one of the last frontiers left in America, look up Far Flung Outdoor Center...

Usually we tell people that we'll take care of everything they need once they arrive at our office.  Some people need just a little extra help.  Hope you make it soon to enjoy an escape from civilization in Big Bend.